A Letter From The Editor

    This site is dedicated to the memory of Mike White, with the express purpose of raising funds and awareness to put an end to Lupus, the disease that took his life, and to encourage young people to write and create art about sports.
    As the site grows, we will be accepting submissions for publication on our blogs and in print. The site is also open to young artists with work relevant to our subject matter.
    When Mike White wrote the inscription over his picture in the 1967 De Witt Clinton High School Yearbook, little did I anticipate that some 40 years later his words would inspire me to look back on those wonderful days and dream up this project. The way I see it, when an All City ballplayer like Mike takes the time to write such inspiring words, you better get something done. To be called “…the best sportswriter in the city” in 1967 by a great person like Mike makes me feel very good about myself. I am honored that he would think of me this way, and I accept these kind words with great humility, knowing that I did give it my all back then and in my way worked as hard as the men on the team. That group collectively was just about the nicest bunch of guys imaginable. They were happy and proud and the games were real celebrations. Even the warm-ups. Our dunking line was the longest in the city and by far the most entertaining, especially when Bernard Obey (r.i.p.) palmed a ball in each hand and slammed ‘em down, one after the other. Most opponents were psyched out before the game even began
     Thanks for stopping by and Mike, this site’s for you and your partner in the frontcourt, and now in Hoops Heaven, Bernard Obey, and all your great teammates. I promise to do my best to honor your memory and aspire to the standard you set — not just with that sweet jump shot, but with your innate goodness, kindness and generosity of spirit. And that goes for you, too, Bernard. I am still thankful that you, Brad Jenkins and Clipper Campbell bailed me out of a precarious situation that dark winter evening after practice.
    This project gives us all a great and unique opportunity to contribute — and this website will be a place where we can all strive to be like Mike and do something good for each other.
Mike White, Clinton’s leading scorer and 1967 Daily News All City star, at the free throw line.                    Photo by Waldman
Victor Forbes (above), Sports Editor of the Clinton News (1966-67), and the Riverdale Press (1966-1968), a Bronx Weekly, pictured in De Witt Clinton’s fabled Gym 3, where we played all our home games to sold out crowds.
“Life isn’t much different than basketball. If it’s run right, with precision, with good honest effort, it’s a thing of beauty.”
Butch Van Breda Kolff